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Luxury luxury ★ Head office limited banquet 6000 yen plan 120 minutes with unlimited drinks ☆ 1 person free for every 8 people ☆

Luxury luxury ★ Head office limited banquet 6000 yen plan 120 minutes with unlimited drinks ☆ 1 person free for every 8 people ☆

By using a coupon6000 yen

  • 4-70persons
  • All-you-can-drink available
    120 minutes drunk drink

【Head office with president】 Banquet plan reservation is required until the previous day.We will accept reservations for the day as much as possible.All plan 120 minutes We will prepare meat to meet your request while interwoven with main menu and exclusive menu with all you can drink.Kimuchi · Ya · Luxurious dessert serving · Rice (free of rice only) is also included ☆ 4 to 70 people

Course menu

■ Head office limited banquet with president 6000 yen

◆ Please contact the store for the details of the party because it is super luxurious !!

120 minutes with unlimited drinks

【Head office with president】 Banquet plan

~ While interwoven with the head office limited menu, contents of meat will be in accordance with your request 3480 yen ~ Head office limited party party PLAN only accepts more than 7000 yen.Budget, number of people, contents etc., please do not hesitate to consult.There is a case where the content of meat changes depending on the feeling of selfish capricist president and the situation of inventory.Please hold on to the president's heart and body firmly ★ Please enjoy overwhelming cospa and taste not to be defeated at other stores.

※ The photograph is a photograph of the actual head office limited party party 4000 yen plan 8 people.

* I will accept the reservation on the day as much as possible.

Recently, since the president is always in the kitchen by staying at the head office like the time of one store era, we always offer the ultimate taste.Everyone's customers and first time guests have come to taste the taste of the President who does not change from the beginning of the company 14 years ago at the head office, the taste of the fruit of the pine ♪

All-you-can-drink menu

· Draft beer / Red Eye
· Japanese sake (cold or hot) / shochu / sweet shochu / awamori / red wine / whiskey / high ball / makgeoli / non alcohol beer
· Chu-hi
· Lemon / lime / bee / calpis / cassis / grapefruit / mountain grape / apple / white peach / oolong tea / green tea
· Peach oolong / cassis oolong / cassis soda / cassis orange / fuzzy group / shandygaaf
· Lemon / lime / seaweed / Calpis / grapefruit / cola / mountain grape / apple / melon / white peach / real gold / ribbon napoline / bulking
·Soft drink
· Coca Cola / Ginger Ale / Mountain Grape Juice / Mountain Buddy Soda / Ume Soda / Real Gold / 100% Orange Juice / 100% Apple Juice / 100% Grape Fruit Juice / Ribbon Napoline
·Soft drink
· Calpis / Calpis Soda / Melon Soda / Ice Coffee / Oolong Tea / Green Tea
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

2017/12/01 update